“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

-John 8:32 KJV Bible Verse

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Jesus Worship Is Idolatry

Jesus “Worship” Is Idolatry!

Greetings All. Today’s topic Jesus “Worship” Is Idolatry! is a compilation of teachings from diverse sources, which in totality debunk the concept of Jesus as being “THE” son of the God of the Bible… Let’s get started!   Jesus “Worship” Is Idolatry! Jesus, according to Biblical text, never claimed to be God, nor commanded that […]

The Business of Religion

The Truth About The Business of Religion

Greetings All. Today’s Teaching “The Business of Religion, its origin and the truth about same consist of a mélange of brilliant well researched resources from various presenters… So without further ado, I will allow the following presentations to stand on their own without additional comments. Please grab a notepad, listen and learn. Thanks for visiting. […]

Living Without Thinking

Living Without Thinking

Greetings Friend, Today’s Bible Study “Living Without Thinking by Dr. Ray Hagins” is truly eye-opening. I thank The Almighty for directing me to this teaching… Dr. Hagins’ teachings have validated my consensus regarding the state of “Christianity” and hopefully same will also sow a seed in your mind, which will eventually sprout and set you […]